eJuice preferences



Being a tremendous fan of vaping, I have my many preferences for eJuice. A sweet and fruity flavor always interests me as I do not like vaping minty tastes. The amount of flavors tasted are countless.
As I am currently enrolled at Colorado University at Boulder, the vaping industry is big. The local vape shop is called Boulder Vape House where I recently buy all my eJuice from. They have an incredible flavors pleasing every possible interest for their customers. The most recent bottle I purchased is called Wastegate which in my opinion is amazing. Tastes similar to a strawberry milkshake with a pinch of caramel and really does it’s job. They offer many other flavors such as Long’s Peak which also is fantastic due to its cinnamon roll mixed with a french toast. Truly great flavors from this shop.
Back where I live at my home in Saratoga, California located by San Jose, there is a local shop called Swell Vapes that also provides incredible eJuices. They have flavors such as Skittles, Cream Puff, and Strawberry Shortcake. The best and only way to describe skittles would be an ultimate combination of almost all fruit flavors created to make a super sweet juice. The other juices I described taste on point the their name given. Being the first vape store I would repeatedly go to, I was never let down by their flavors. Now one may think that since it was my first vape shop I was not fully exposed to other flavors but no, this truly was a popular store that was always packed and constantly releasing new and innovative flavors that would keep their consumers walking through the doors. I really appreciated the store until I left.
The most recent mod I have purchased is the IPV4 along with a Aspire Atlantis tank which churns out clouds wonderfully. I have grown onto the IPV company due to the impressive quality of their products. I hope to one day own more but I only have one at the time. So far I have grown to like the box mod rather than the pen due to its ability to carry two batteries versus one. While many argue over which is better, in my opinion it is all a preference.
Vaping can be a great way to quit smoking and enjoy nicotine in a simpler manner. Sure it can be an expensive habit but it is enjoyable and there is a large crowd behind the industry that supports the movement.